Kini and Kimi Help
Remodel the Kitchen & Living Room

New Year's Eve 2007 just begged the question, "Why Not?"
The wall was going to come out within weeks, it was the start of a new year, and Bob happened to mention that he couldn't believe we didn't have the paint and markers out. That did it!
Many years ago (hum? 30 plus?), mom let the three of us Jager children write on the wallpaper at our old house in Arizona before our kitchen was repainted. Doing this wall with mom brought back great memories. However, here is a big hint ... never write on walls with felt-tip pens unless you intend to take the wall out. The kitchen in Arizona took serious & multiple coats of paint.


The Before Shots: It was a great kitchen for the last 24 years. We could seat four in the kitchen (if someone wanted to sit on the counter). We never used the living room other than to drop items  that needed to be taken downstairs on the couch. Time for a change...


The Demolition: Yes, in one day, the cabinets were gone. Day two brought us one less wall. Our "kitchen" was moved downstairs by the washer & dryer, on a card table that dates to the early 70's. A large cooler and the microwave (also in the utility room) completed our temporary kitchen quarters.


A Fridge, Floor, Ceilings, & Walls: Older houses were not designed for newer, bigger appliances. The doors, stairs, railings, & corners are tight. The new fridge got in - but will never be taken out - at least by us. K&K loved hanging out on the water / ice dispenser. When the floor & ceiling were seamed together, the room had the open feel we wanted.
Dear Tai Chi spent days walking the invisible wall and only moving between rooms using the now gone doorway. It took a few days, but eventually she realized that she could walk through the non-wall.


And Then The Cabinets Came: Mike and Jim did incredible work - putting up the cabinets in one day. The doors took a bit longer. They worked hard and were a delight to talk to.


The Basics Are Done: Just about three weeks later from demolition, we have full front, cabinets with handles! We can't put anything in them yet - they are still sanding, replacing board trim, and going to paint, but we are close! The cooler downstairs is empty - which is great since it started to leak. The fridge is lightly stocked (we still need to be able to roll it in and out), but we can see the end.
The granite experts came over to do the template for the counter cut - they say it is two weeks away yet.
The sink, oven, and dishwasher are still living in the living room - and will for a while yet.


We Have A Big Beautiful Upstairs!!!: K & K were delighted to be able to roam the kitchen again. They jumped into the corner shelving to get a good view, then hung out on the granite, cooling their feet. But what they really enjoyed was peering into the double sink that is fully 11 inches deep on one side and contemplating jumping in for a swim. Then they noticed the soap dispenser - jumping on that would be fun too. But they settled down when they found out that the faucet comes apart at mid-handle and becomes a spray "attachment." Humm ... Do anything wrong and Bob & Amy would give them a big, soaking water ride to the back of the counter.

If it is true that new experiences and new spaces are the spice of life, this remodel has been very spicy!!
We are delighted ,,, and happy to be firmly ensconced in our new space.

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