Mom Got Flocked!
Happy 69th Birthday Mom!


On June 22, 2004, one day after mom's birthday, she had her first surprise birthday party. Just a few friends & family, plans arranged between Virginia & Colorado, and only 1 flock of 69 pink flamingos!


Mom, Melissa Jager, is in the blue shirt. Her friends from left to right are: Janet Sheldon, Carol Yates, and Thelma Lewis. Without them, and Ruth Vordo (who helped set up the flamingos), this never would have come off!


They helped get mom out of the house to allow us the time to plant the flamingos, set up the tent, & do the party things. 


Cooper (Melissa's son) & his family, helped with planning from Colorado, Jennifer (Melissa's daughter), brought cake and, of course, pink wine, & Amy (Melissa's daughter too), rented the flamingos from the youth-group's fund-raising project at the Presbyterian Church of Radford, Virginia.


It is important to note that mom, Melissa, HATES "lawn art." She isn't fond of cement critters, wishing wells, and particularly loathes pink flamingos!

So what better to get for her for her birthday, than a one day with "Oh, NO!!!" not 69 big flocking birds!!!?

Some of the best fun was when the people drove by - waving, smiling, & honking their horns!


As evening fell and our little party wound down, mom put on her pink flamingo head gear again (they were on a headband & springs so they wiggled & waggled with her head movements), and had one more photo taken with her 69 pink buddies.

Happy 69th, mom!

Just wait till next year ... your 70th!!!


Kini & Kimi want to wish Melissa a happy birthday too!

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