The Sanibel 71st
Shell Fair & Show

The Stork Delivers Twins
The Judges Deliver Ribbons!!

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Although this year in Sanibel had so many exciting moments, the most wonderful involved Kini & Kimi.
In 2002, while in Europe, Kini & Kimi got married. Now, six years later, the stork has landed dropping off TWINS!
They arrived in a box, tucked in and happily snoozing. Everyone was so surprised!!


K&K were so happy!
Bob took a picture of Amy, Hannah, her puppy, and Jennifer, and Melissa.
And, of course, K&K and their two wee ones.
Amy and Bob are now grandparents (of a sort). Melissa is a great-grandmother.
And Hannah and Jenny? The have the onus burden of Co-Godparents!
K&K now need hand-made backpack kiddy carriers. 
Bob and Amy also need to consult Hawaiian references to find wonderful names for the newlings. 

On To The Show - Exciting Times Again!

The first and very memorable moment was when, at the judges' banquet,  Jenny was awarded
"The Best Shell Related Exhibit Hobbyist" plaque
sponsored by the Lesinski Family
in memory of John E. & Grace Sheperd.
One entry, one blue, and one trophy in 2008. It doesn't
 get much better than that!

A close up of Jennifer's poster.
This image, by law, is copyrighted -
do not copy it, paste it, save it, print it, reproduce it, or use it in any way.
  Mom entered a mirror in the miscellaneous category. She took a photo of a sliced nautilus, printed it, and pain stakeingly cut it out to border or frame the circular mirror.


Eben entered the show for the first time this year with his hand-blown glass shell. We all hope that he will enter again next year!

See his work at The Glass Station

Below are the pictures of the four entries that Amy ribboned: one blue, two red, and one white.
A good year again - five entered, four ribboned!

Wreath - Whale - Blue Whale (as Bob calls it, due to the ribbon it won), was entered in the wreath category.
Dear Deer is a crewel work design with a baby dear sleeping in the long grass.

Ladybugs was entered in the
picture, no flowers category.
  (a mini- 6 in. by 6 in.)
Spring Wreath was awarded
a third place ribbon.


The Students

This year the judges said the student categories were very competitive and delightful.
They were "incredibly hard to judge." The judges decided that every student would be awarded
ribbons - from first place to honorable mention for their efforts and creativity.
By doing this, it was their hope that each student would continue to pursue arts that incorporate elements from nature
and lead others to understanding and appreciating nature itself.

I would like to thank the Dalton Intermediate School art teacher, Sally Ann Hawkins,
and the Radford High School art teacher, Kimberley Reese,
for all their help and planning to make these student projects such a success. 

On the left , are Emma's "Fish Box" and Sarah's "Lizard in Frame" pictured here with other schools' student works.
Will and David's kaleidoscopic shell pictures and Jason's "Painted Turtle Box".

Taylor's two boxes won a third place ribbon.
This is a close-up of the inside of one of Taylor's boxes shown to on the left. Each of the enameled pieces (on all our students' boxes) were done by hand by the students.

Elisabeth created the seahorse box. The other entries shown were made by students from other schools.
This entry was done by a student from another school. It won not only one of the blue ribbons, but was awarded a trophy. The competition was very intense.
I would like to thank everyone in our schools for their support and encouragement which allowed me to go to the show with both my works and the student works.

The Sanibel Shell Show and Fair is the longest running shell show in the United States. Some of the major competition is in the Sailor's Valentines categories. Below are some links to artists who compete in these and other categories. Their work is incredible - I would highly recommend spending a bit of time looking at their works.

Constance Miller:
Sandy Moran:
Susan Lloyd:
Sandi Blanda:
Bill Jordan - valentines & shell pocket watches:
A site hosting numerous artists' works:

Watch the video of shell artists featured on the Martha Stewart Show (including my work "Flora"):  (search shell art artists) 

Visit Sanibel Seashell Industries to buy shells, Valentine kits/boxes, and finished works

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